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Response Rubric

Respondents will be given a one point rubric to comment on areas to work on and areas the presenter excelled in related to the following criteria...

Oral Presentation:

  • Clearly discussed goals of design.

  • Efficient use of allotted time (2-3min). 

  • Presenter is confident, polished, and well-rehearsed.

Point of View

  • Student has a strong dramaturgical understanding of the text.

  • Articulated specific design choices and how those choices supported the story.

Visual Presentation:

  • Research is connected to conceptual approach. 

  • Evidence of process.

  • Visual elements (i.e. paperwork, renderings, plots) are complete.

  • Presentation elements are intentionally chosen and easy to follow. 


Content Knowledge

  • Student demonstrates a clear understanding of their medium and tools to create and complete their design.

  • Drawings and paperwork are held to a professional standard. 

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